Explaining A Cacao Ceremony and How To Prepare For It

What Is A Cacao Ceremony?
Simply put, a cacao ceremony is a sacred opportunity for you to safely open your heart utilizing the loving energy and guidance of cacao. A cacao ceremony can be a beautiful experience performed in solitude or in a group setting with the guidance of an experienced cacao facilitator. Cacao ceremonies can last anywhere from one hour up to eight hours depending on the intention, the facilitator, the activities, and the location. 
Women's cacao ceremony in Denver
Cacao And It's Connection To Your Heart
Typically, the heart center is an area that is often kept closed up, protected, and shielded from the outside world and its many threats. There's nothing inherently wrong with protecting your heart but if your heart remains closed off for too long, it can cause you to wall up and eventually become numb to your feelings and the feelings of others. Becoming numb can really hinder your growth and prevent you from accessing the full potential of your head-heart connection. In indigenous communities throughout central and South America, cacao is often referred to as, "medicina del corazon" which means, heart medicine. Cacao is a powerful heart-opener that not only assists with the opening and unfolding of your heart, but in the mending of it as well.
What to expect.
Every cacao ceremony is incredibly different and no two are ever alike because the collective energy of the attendees inevitably shape the ultimate experience. However, in general terms, this is what you can expect: Cacao ceremonies are often conducted while sitting in a circle with likeminded and like-hearted people. A circle is the symbolic representation of a sacred container where your heart can feel safe enough to open and unfold. In the center of the circle there is always an altar filled with offerings like Mayan copal, fresh flowers, fruits, candles, and personal items that are representative of people's intentions for their ceremony. Everyone will be provided with a small ceramic cup that contains 6oz of hot cacao along with a wooden whisk called a "molinillo" that they can use to froth their cacao if desired. I will initiate the ceremony with a heart-opening meditation and then we will collectively sip our cacao together before engaging in activities like breath-work, ecstatic dance, mirror work, eye-gazing, journaling, or any other heart-opening activities. To conclude the ceremony, I will hold space for anyone who would like to share their experience and what prompted them to attend a cacao ceremony. Typically, this creates an organic and magical ripple effect that inspires everyone in the circle to put down their walls and have the courage to speak from their heart. 
What Ingredients Are In the cacao?
  • 100% raw and organic Peruvian cacao
  • Organic Ceylon Cinnamon
  • Organic Cayenne 
  • Organic coconut sugar
  • Organic himalayan sea salt 
  • Organic vanilla powder 


What To Bring For The Cacao Ceremony
  • It is customary in cacao ceremonies to bring an offering as it is a representation of the karmic exchange of energy that takes place during ceremony. Please bring a fruit or flower offering. It can be as simple as a flower you pick from your garden or an apple you grab from your fruit basket.
  • A large water bottle! Cacao can be incredibly dehydrating so it's important to stay hydrated during and after a cacao ceremony.
  • Comfy clothes. Expect to be sitting anywhere from 1-3 hours with the possibility of movement via dance or Yoga. Please wear flexible clothing that will allow you to sit comfortably and don't forget to pack layers! Some people can get cold during ceremony while other people feel incredibly warm. 
  • A pillow in case you need extra support for your bottom. 
  • An integral part of a cacao ceremony is to set a very specific intention for your cacao so please bring an item you’d like to dedicate your cacao ceremony to. This item can be a photo, a written document, or a tangible item like a necklace or a book. We will be placing all of our items in the center of our cacao altar to charge our collective intentions as a group. If you forget your item, don't worry! I can provide a pen and a sticky note for you to write on. 


One last thing...

The most important thing to "bring" to a cacao ceremony is a heart that is willing to open. If you arrive with a playful heart that is unguarded and curious, you will most certainly experience the magic of a heart bloom--the opening and unfolding of your heart.