Drink Apapacho

Honor Blend

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This is our traditional blend and a great option if you love spicy chocolate. We added cayenne and ceylon cinnamon to this blend to honor the way cacao was traditionally prepared by the Mayans and Aztecs. Although this cacao does contain chili, the amount of chili we've added does not overwhelm sensitive palates. 


Known as "true" cinnamon, ceylon cinnamon is antioxidant rich and just like cacao, supports heart health. Till this day, most "chocolate caliente" (hot chocolate) prepared in Mexico contains cinnamon. 


Known for its distinctive spicy and peppery flavor, cayenne warms the body and increases your circulation. The reason the Mayans and Aztecs added chili to their cacao was to increase their blood circulation which allowed for fast absorption of the nutritional and spiritual benefits of cacao.