Apapacho Cacao: A Love Story

Once upon a time, in the middle of a beautiful rain forest in Costa Rica, Victoria (Apapacho's co-founder) tasted her very first cup of raw cacao and instantly she knew, it was love at first sip.

The first cup of raw cacao that started it all

Upon returning home to her kingdom in Colorado, she told the king (her husband Jeff) who happens to be a chef, aka "Cheffrey", that he needed to help her re-create the magical cacao elixir that had stolen her heart in the rain forest. After experimenting with dozens of failed recipes in the palace kitchen, the king finally figured out how to re-create Victoria's magical cacao drink!

Playing with cacao recipes in our kitchen

On May 14th 2021 Victoria and Jeff decided to host a grand ball to announce the formal launch of their 3 favorite cacao blends to the Colorado kingdom. The queen and her king drank their magical chocolate potion almost every single day for three whole years and they lived happily ever after. 

The End.

Just kidding. We're not even close to the end. We've only just begun ;)

Apapacho Cacao's 2021 launch party at Nurture in Denver

 Below is a little more information about the 3 cacao blends that started it all:

The Love blend is by far our most popular blend which is why we sold out of it within 1 year of launching. This cacao blend is the only thing that kept me (Victoria) sane during the pandemic lockdowns. With ingredients like organic rose petals, vanilla, and organic cayenne, this blend helps you to connect and most importantly, stay connected to your heart center. On its own, cacao is a powerful heart-opener, and when paired with the loving energy of rose petals, it's ability to soothe and comfort a sensitive heart is very much palpable and real. The Love blend is what we serve at all our cacao ceremonies and we do plan on re-stocking this blend in late 2023. 

The Fly blend is a blend that I created in memory of my father who was suffering from severe inflammatory-related health issues just months before his sudden death at the young age of 60. I named this blend "Fly" because my father was a pilot for United Airlines who had a big sweet tooth--just like me. I thought that people like myself and my father should be able to enjoy treats that not only taste good, but are good for you. The Fly blend is a cacao elixir made with turmeric and ginger, two powerful anti-inflammatory herbs that when paired together, make a strong team that help the body combat inflammation. 

The Honor blend is a blend that I created in honor of my Mexican lineage, my ancestry, and culture. I'm a 1st-generation Mexican American who was born in Mexico City and raised in the mountains of Colorado. Because my parents were both born and raised in Mexico, Spanish and the Mexican culture has always been preserved and celebrated in my life. Chocolate caliente (hot chocolate) was a drink that my mother and abuelita (grandma) often prepared for me when I was a little girl. Wanting to re-create the nostalgic experience of drinking chocolate caliente prepared with a molinillo (a traditional wooden whisk used to froth cacao) I created a blend that is a healthier-version of the chocolate I drank when I was a little girl. The Honor blend is our version of a Mexican hot chocolate with spices like cinnamon, cayenne, vanilla and organic coconut sugar to give your body the added mineral benefits. 

Our sincere intention is that you feel deeply loved every time when you sit down to savor a cup of our cacao which we believe, feels just like a hug in a mug.

Family Apapacho Picture